At the end of an estate sale, there are certain items that will be left in the house because they did not sell. Depending on what item is involved, you can decide what you want to use it for. If they are not worth much, you can drop some of the items off at a charity shop. 

On the other hand, you can take an unsold item to a consignment shop or specialty shop. This often happens when there are large or expensive items like a valuable piano or artwork. 

Who gets the money from the sale?

Most people often worry about who gets the money from a sale when trying to figure out how estate sales in Sandy Springs work. However, there is no easy answer, and it depends on what the probate judge mandates. 

For instance, if the proceeds of any sale are to be divided among several heirs or beneficiaries, you have to wait till it's your turn to get your share. However, in cases where all the proceeds belong to you, the company will pay you right away after removing their commission and any other expenses from the contract. 

As soon as the sale is complete, you can now decide to sell the property. To do this, you need a local real estate agent who will help you stage, market, and sell the home. To find the best team estate agent, you will need to compare multiple agents within your area and look through their reviews, previous sales, commission rates, etc.

How much do real estate agents make from an estate sale? 

Most companies that specialize in estate sales in Georgia City charge a particular percentage from your sale as their fee. This is known as a flat fee and is usually between 30%-50%. However, some companies prefer to charge a sliding scale. What happens with a sliding scale is that the more money your scale makes, the lower it will charge as a percentage. 

In this case, you can expect the estate sales company to:

  • Access the items found within the house 
  • Price, display, and photograph every sales item
  • Run the sale
  • Have every leftover item
  • Depending on the community guidelines, market the sale line and use street signs
  • Write a check for the proceedings of the sale minus their commission 


Before choosing your company, you should ensure that you ask all the necessary questions and find out an estimate of how much each real estate agent makes per sale. This helps you to know whether they clean the home after the sale, what they will do with leftover items, how they market the home if they stage the home, and more. 

Always read online reviews and compare different companies. Whenever you can, go to any estate sales in Sandy Springs to gain insight into the best ways you wish to manage yours. Although this is a lot of work for you to handle on your own, there are companies that specialize in estate sales in Georgia City to guide you through the process.