Vacation rentals, like a Swiss chalet or a cabin in the Smoky Mountains, can save you money while giving you all the comforts of home. But how do you know if a deal is good? How do you find that hidden gem when more people than ever are choosing rentals over hotels? Here are some things to remember.

Know What You Want

Do you want to hang out at home or go out and about? Do you have kids in your group? How important is really that view of the ocean? If you know what you want, you'll be able to find the right rental without spending too much. Make sure to talk with your group ahead of time so that you can all get the best deal.

Get Your Timing Right

When it comes to Nightly Rental Leavenworth WA, the general rule is to book early. In fact, unlike hotels and plane tickets, there's no reason to wait to book that popular Italian villa or that beach house in North Carolina. If you can, plan a year ahead. 

Be Flexible With Your Dates

If you want to visit Europe in the summer, be ready for prices to go through the roof and fierce competition for places to stay. If you move that trip to the spring or fall, when many experienced travelers say the best times to visit are anyway, you'll find better prices and more options. 

Know Your Terminology

Know the difference between "Beachfront" and "Oceanfront" if you're booking through a rental association or co-op. Only "Beachfront" guarantees you'll be on the water. "Direct Ski Access" usually means that you have to take a shuttle to get to the slopes. 

Search More Than One Site

There's a good chance you have one site you always use to look for rentals. But to find the best nightly Rentals cabin Leavenworth WA, you need to look at listings from more than one place. You should look at a lot of places, especially if you know the area where you want to stay. Websites that collect listings are a good place to start, but don't forget that location-specific sites can have good listings that go unnoticed.

Save Money but Don’t Be Too Cheap

You don't want to spend too much on space and features you won't use or enjoy. But you don't want to save a few dollars by spending a week in a glorified broom closet. Think about what you will need and what you will enjoy. 

Stay Safe and Secure

The vast majority of online ads for rentals are real. Still, the risk of fraud is very real, and many people who want to rent have been scammed in recent years. Experts say that contacting the property manager ahead of time is the most important safety tip.