Do you remember when the last time you cleaned your air filter was? Your car needs enough clean air and fuel to run smoothly. When it comes to supplying clean air, the air filter needs to be cleaned all the time; otherwise, the engine will not receive clean air for engine combustion. Thus, you will see degrading car performance and lower mileage. Before you buy air filter cleaning kits to clean your air filter, let’s understand the benefits of keeping the air filter cleaned. 

Following are the benefits of keeping your air filter clean; 

Improved fuel economy- If your car does not have enough clean air, your car will begin to consume more fuel for the engine combustion process. A clean air filter will help your car engine to get clean than a dirty air filter. 

Performance- If your air filter stays dirtier, the engine performance will definitely go down. In fact, the engine may stop running completely. Basically, the car engine requires oxygen for the combustion process, which is important for the engine to work. However, the dirty air filter hampers the supply of clean air to the engine. Remember, the cleaner the air is, the more oxygen supply for the engine combustion process. Therefore, your engine needs as much cleaner air that contains more and more oxygen molecules. 

Enhanced engine life- The dirty air filter means dirty air entering your car engine. If the dust and debris keep on entering your car engine, it will definitely result in internal damage to the engine. With a clean air filter, your car engine will never get debris and deliver performance at its fullest for the years to come. 

Lower emissions- As we mentioned, the dirty car air filter will prevent air clean from entering the engine. Keeping your car air filter clean will allow proper airflow to reduce emissions. 

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