Have you ever walked into someone’s living room and been hypnotized by just one piece of furniture, like a chair or coffee table? It’s likely their accent furniture is what you adored. Something unique and beautiful. It could be just a single bentwood chair among leather and aluminum furniture or a coffee table made from stone and wood. It makes you wonder what other exceptional furniture they possess. 

What is accent furniture?

Any piece worthy of being called ‘accent furniture’ goes beyond just functionality. Its decorative value is what is of utmost consideration. You might not have any practical or utilitarian use for it, but it draws everybody’s attention when they visit you. It’s similar to an accent color. The purpose of the furniture is to add some vibrancy and drama to a neutral and consistent background.   

Any piece that stands out against a space’s décor or style is ‘accent furniture.’ The term has been coined because of what the word ‘accent’ means – emphasis or stress. 

If you consider bringing an accent piece into your home, there are multiple ways to do so. Don’t plan for it on a tight budget; it’s a good idea to splurge, depending on your desired accent. You could spend hours searching for the perfect fit online or visit flea markets and thrift stores for vintage finds. The concept behind modern accent furniture is decorating your space with something extra that makes your guests take notice.

3 quick tips to get you started:

There are a multitude of ways to use modern accent chairs and furniture in your home.

  • The entry to your home – The entry sets the tone for the rest of your space, and this is the best place for using accent furniture. A large handcrafted wooden trunk or bombe chest are great accent pieces. Almost any other gilded, ornate, or painted chest will look appropriate too. Select an outstanding shape or strong color.
  • Small tables – These make great accent pieces for your space. Small tables that are inlaid, painted, or have an interesting treatment are good options. Searching at an online home furniture store will wield many gorgeous options. Select a table for its eye-catching style. These tables can be placed anywhere in your home, from bedrooms to the living room.
  • Swanky chair – Many homeowners use chairs for accent pieces. When choosing accent chairs, look for those with a strong profile, exceptional upholstery, or a breathtaking color. They are no rules; they can be a different style from the other furniture for even greater contrast.

Final words

Modern accent furniture is very interesting to peruse online. You are sure to find outstanding options to match every budget. A dining table makes a superb accent piece for any home, and the best online store for modern accent chairs and tables has dozens of continually updated collections. What’s best about shopping online for accent furniture is that you have an entire warehouse of options presented through the company’s online catalog. The best website is enough for all your accent furniture needs.